This week’s gig – Bright Club: Revolution 21st September 2010

This week we flipped Bright Club upside-down. Our usual cast of University researchers, scientists and brainboxes were banned from the stage, and six members of our regular audience took over instead. Viva La Revolution!

Kent Valentine, Bright Club’s bezzie mate, compered in his usual perfect style.

Rob Davis, computer game designer, developed a brand new game, using the audience as a giant drunken computer.

Elise Bramich, amateur scientist, asked whether size matters and took us  on a whirlwind tour through the life of the Universe.

Hugh Harvey, ginge, revealed what it’s life to live as a melanically-challenged man in London.

Mark Ewins, food scientist, brought us tales of chicken farms and pooing into a pot.

Alex Nightingale, Library Assistant, shattered some stereotypes and explored what teenagers really think of libraries.

Benji Fox, sound engineer, revelled in the love between a soundman and his desk, and the hatred between music lovers and guitarists.

Then Colin Hazel played David Hasselhoff covers on the piano. I still have one of them stuck in my head. This is not good (but Colin was amazing!).

Pics by Hilary Jackson:

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