Bright Club: Evil Genius, April 17th, Wilmington Arms

This month we’re going to give a helping hand to our good friends the evil geniuses, super villains and criminal masterminds of the world, with some hints and tips from genius researchers.

Join compere Jim Smallman ( and naughty cabaret concertina lady Jo Below ( as they set the night up for our brainboxes:

Byron Cook, the computer scientist who can break your vital software
Chris Arridge, looking for alien life to enslave on other planets
Daniel Richardson, who can control your mind
Paul Woods, plotting the escape of planet-destroyers
Paul Kinsler, cloaking device expert
Mags Pullen, plant scientist and triffid fan.

And more!

Doors open at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th April at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Ave, London, EC1R 4RL.

Tickets £5 from

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