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Bright Club: Journalism, May 15th, Wilmington Arms

The University folk are off playing at the Bloomsbury Theatre again this month (get tickets for that here:, so at the Wilmington Arms we get a chance to explore the world of journalism instead.

Your MC tonight is Kent Valentine, comedian, Bright Club veteran and occasional computer games journalist ( and he’ll be joined by musical act Tom Adams ( who is properly rock and Roll (if by “Rock” you mean “tea” and by “Roll” you mean “biscuits”).

The experts on turning facts into news, news into stories, and stories into a load of nasty online reader comments are:

Marc Burrows, who tries to stop the Guardian website descending into Nazi slurs, sexist rants and sectarianism.
Dawn Foster, who writes for the Guardian about cycling, Wales and cycling in Wales.
Kat Lay, who creates amazing features for tabloids as chaos breaks out around her.
Rob Epstein, who keeps it clean subbing for the Independent on Sunday.
Stu Gillespie, who breaks all the big stories for the Fife Herald.

The gig is Tuesday May 15th at the Wilmington Arms, London. Doors 7.30pm and tickets from


Toby Scott is indisposed so super press officer Jay Stone is stepping in with her work on-call mobile in her pocket.

Bright Club: Evil Genius, April 17th, Wilmington Arms

This month we’re going to give a helping hand to our good friends the evil geniuses, super villains and criminal masterminds of the world, with some hints and tips from genius researchers.

Join compere Jim Smallman ( and naughty cabaret concertina lady Jo Below ( as they set the night up for our brainboxes:

Byron Cook, the computer scientist who can break your vital software
Chris Arridge, looking for alien life to enslave on other planets
Daniel Richardson, who can control your mind
Paul Woods, plotting the escape of planet-destroyers
Paul Kinsler, cloaking device expert
Mags Pullen, plant scientist and triffid fan.

And more!

Doors open at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th April at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Ave, London, EC1R 4RL.

Tickets £5 from

Bright Club: The UK, May 18th, Bloomsbury Theatre


Tickets on-sale at:

It’s time to take on the Bloomsbury again!

For this special gig to celebrate the Bright Clubs springing up all over the UK, we’ve brought four of the hottest talents from outside London to take on four UCL performers to find out which city does the funny best.

Taking to the stage tonight are:

Chris Martin (MC) – anecdotalist, social commentator and very funny guy
Paul Sinha – international stand-up comedian and one of ITV’s Chasers
Angela Barnes – Winner BBC New Comedy award 2011

Jo Below – accordion squeezer and bad girl
Sleepy Ed Hicks – banjo man and tease 

From London:
Vincent Walsh, neuroscientist
Hannah Fry, social mathematician
Essi Viitanen, scandinavian film expert
Steve Cross, Bright Club svengali

From the UK:
Daniel Ridley- Ellis, timber scientist from Bright Club Edinburgh
Alison Eales, jazz historian from Bright Club Glasgow
Jacques Carolan, physicist from Bright Club Bristol
Hayley Frend, pathologist from Bright Club Cambridge

Tickets £8 from

Bright Club: Connections – 20th March, Wilmington Arms

Bright Club, the night where professional researchers become comedians for one night, continues to try and make sense of this funny old world. Tonight it’s all about connections, between things, between people, even between tiny bits of the brain.  Join compere Thom Tuck (from the Penny Dreadfuls) and glamorous uke star Cream (Catharine Rogers) as they welcome to the stage six newcomers:

Hannah Fry, social mathematician
Jason Lotay, maths guru
Richard North, english literature lecturer
David Beavan, digital humanist.
Steven Gray, computer scientist turned people person.

Doors 7.30, Door tax £5, Tickets  from

Tickets now on sale for Connections, March 20th

We’re just putting a finishing touch to the flyer, but you can already get tickets for our next gig on March 20th here:

Bright Club: Music Industry Special, Feb 21st, Wilmington Arms

A bit of a special one this. Since the researchers and academics are having fun in the Bloomsbury Theatre this month, we’ve decided to turn over our regular Wilmington Arms slot to a bunch of people from the world of music, telling funny stories and making jokes about the world of studios, gigs, record shops, tour vans and opera houses.

The lineup features:

Elis James, comedian, MC and pathological music fan
James Sherwood, comedy pianist and dissector of pop
Cat Rogers, opera diva and Cream off of Strawberry & Cream
MJ Hibbett, whimsical songwriter and musical theatre performer
Tim Chipping, indie hero and music journalist
David Barnett, music writer and eclectic frontman
Georgina Terry, Rock Star and raconteuse
Simon Price, music journalist and Manics fan

Tickets are £5 from

The gig is February 21st at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell, EC1R 4RL. That’s here:

Doors are at 7.30pm, and the gig should be over at 10.30.

More acts added for the 10th February!

We just added Tom Allen, Stuart Goldsmith and Giorgio Savini to the lineup for February’s massive Bloomsbury Theatre gig! Get tickets now from

Bright Club: Bodies, Wilmington Arms London, January 17th

Bright Club cracks open the New Year with a look at what’s going on inside us.

Join compere Alex Horne (, musical maestro Jay Foreman ( and a selection of amazing scientists, medics and historians of medicine as they try to make sense of all the little bits of you.


Matt Wall, neurologist
Subhadra Das, museum and dead body expert
Vin Walsh, neuroscientist
Anna Maerker, medical historian

And more!

Tickets are £5 from

Doors are 7.30pm at the Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell.

Bright Club: Love at the Bloomsbury Theatre February 10th

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so it’s time for Bright Club to put the romance into your year. Join our line-up of comedians, musicians and researchers to find out about everything from duck sex to medieval seduction, and from internet dating to the pure love of a scientist for her apparatus (not that kind of apparatus).
Tonight’s performers are:
Tom Price, MC, Torchwood star and lover of the finer things in life.
Tom Allen, Comedian, raconteur and Noel Coward fan
Stuart Goldsmith, star of ITV’s Show Me The Funny
Strawberry & Cream, seductive songstresses who will steal your heart away.
Cath Mercer, statistician of Britain’s sexual habits
Richard Cole, reader of romantic poetry
Geraldine Horan, linguist and collector of filthy language
Liam Graham, the economist who knows where a love of money leadsS
Suze Kundu, lover of chemistry and all things nano
Sam Tazzyman, predictor of sexual behaviour
Chiara Ambrosio, philosopher and lover of all the arts and sciences
Giorgio Savini, who loves the whole Universe

Bright Club: Noise, December 13th at the Wilmington Arms



This month we’re laughing at noise, from sound to speech to all those extraneous things that make it harder to work out what the hell is going on out there.

Ringmaster tonight is Ed Gamble, the noisiest man we could find.

And in expert corner all of these brainboxes:

Giorgio Savini – A physicist and builder of delicate instrumentation, trying to make sense of the noise of the Universe
Mel Pinet – A speech and language scientist, who knows how we understand people when we just can’t hear them
Harry Cliff – A high-energy physicist, who stares at readings of the inifinitesmal and hopes they’re real
Jon Gallagher – a historian of English, who knows all the things normal people used to say, and what they sounded like
Sarah Morgan – an optometrist, who makes a glorious noise about the importance of eyecare
Steve Cross – Bright Club co-organiser, occasional sound engineer and music snob

And a return of the surprising and surreal Sleepy Ed Hicks on the banjo.

Tickets are £5, Doors are 7.30pm and it’s all at the Wilmington Arms. See you there!

Tickets from: