Catching up on past gigs: Lust, May 26th 2009

In May Bright Club crawled out from the primeval slime and began its life, looking at the subject of Lust.

Richard Herring was the Ringmaster of this sexual circus.

Mark Carnall, Zoologist, taught us all about animals’ sexual habits.

Rosie Coates, Chemist, revealed the secrets of aphrodisiacs and pheromones.

Claire Thomson and Richard Farmer, film theorists, showed us that early cinemagoers loved to be titillated as much as a 15-year old boy with an internet connection does now.

Reynir Eggertsson read some of the filthiest poetry ever written down.

Cath Mercer, Sexual Statistician, told us exactly who is doing what, with whom, and how often.

Sasha Garwood and Matt Wilshire, Literature students, said the C-word more times in 10 minutes than I have in my entire life.

And Ginger Tom left us all sweaty, tired, and a little ashamed with their hot pop style.

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