Catching up on past gigs – Film, Feb 2010

You didn’t think that it was all going to be about movies did you?

Andrew Collins cancelled on us, but we got some help, and everything worked out in the end.

Charlie Dunnill taught us about intelligent thin films and sprayed the front row with delicious distilled water.

Michael Yorke showed us how to increase our personal power a small amount, using lessons from the people he has worked with around the world.

Anne Welsh told us why bubbling film is fine, but it’s red film that could blow up at any moment.

Peter Mullany showed us the films that bacteria can make if you leave them alone. Some were gorgeous. Most were grotty.

Matthew Gandy took us on a whirlwind tour of world cinema, interspersed with swearing (in the best possible taste).

and The Workers Union Ensemble ( improvised new scores for three films on the Big Screen – two by artist Michael Duffy ( and one by Carl Theodore Dreyer.

One response to “Catching up on past gigs – Film, Feb 2010

  1. Indeed. As I was told at library school, decaying film is like a cappucino – if it’s frothy it’s good (salvagable), when it stops frothing it sets hard and crumbles into red rot. Yeuch!

    Thanks for organising a great event. Love Hilary’s pictures (though memo to me: up the gym attendance), especially the one (bottom left) of the audience member looking at Charlie’s slide with the cello in the background. Fabulous!

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