Monthly Archives: October 2013

November 20th – Bright Club: Filth at the Phoenix, Cavendish Square

This month we have teamed up with UCLoo, a month long festival seeking to find an alternative to the wasteful water based toilet, to bring you an event all about what comes out our other ends – and what happens to it afterwards!

There will be more bottom based jokes than you can shake a stool at (and more poo puns than you’d want to!).

Featuring two of London’s top comedians: Nish Kumar and James Acaster plus 6 UCL researchers:

Lena Ciric – explores the bacteria in your backside
Monica Bohm – shares stories of waste from the animal world
Charlotte Barrow – will delve into sustainable dirt
Sarah Bell – shares some sewer situations
Hui Teh – telling tales of toilet design
Kate Oliver – shares experiences building for your convenience

Tickets: £5

Even the Queen does it, you know.

Please be aware that the venue for Bright Club is down a number of stairs. To discuss access please call Lizzy on 020 3108 1198 or on