Catching up on past gigs – Food, May 2010

nom nom nom

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom


nom nom

Food. You love it, we love it. My face is full of it right now and there are cake crumbs on my keyboard. It’s a good thing that there are people who can help us make sense of it.

Bec Hill joked about milk, and ran the Wilmington’s first-ever food-themed quiz. One lucky punter won some fish sauce!

Debbie Challis channeled the spirit of a Roman rake, and took us into the seedy depths of dinner-party culture.

Laura Ishiguro read the letters of men in frontiers America, and shared their frightening diets and eating habits.

Stuart Hine revealed that we can eat insects, but they are going to eat us in return!

Sanna Hirvonen debated whether there is such a thing as good taste, and whether Brits could ever be accused of having it.

James Kneale told us that the victorians had it rough; Nasty beer and urinals at the bar.

and Strawberry and Cream brought a smorgasbord of great music to the table. Delicious!

Pictures by Hilary Jackson:

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