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January 18th 2011 Bright Club: Brains

It’s a New Year, and another new take on life from Bright Club. We’re back at the Wilmington Arms on January 18th with old friends and new ones.

Join us this month to see Helen Keen (see must be brainy, she understands rocket science lead off for the first time at Bright Club as we try to understand brains. While making jokes about brains. She’ll be joined by:

Dan Woods, accordion playing genius

Zarinah Agnew, UCL neuroscientist and brainscanner extraordinaire

Andrew Tolmie, psychologist (Institute of Education)

Silvia Di Bianchi, philosopher (UCL)

Benedetto Di Martino (UCL)

Valerie Wallace (UCL), expert on the genius of Jeremy Bentham

What happened at Bright Club: Happiness. Dec 16th 2010

The festive season started here.

David Morgan filled us with holiday spirit and revealed that his favourite source of happiness is vengeance.

Kathryn Waddington (City University) revealed how nurses stay happy despite the medical emergencies happening around them.

Kath Woolf (UCL) explained that the mental wellbeing of a million people depends on you. Time to cheer up!

Ian Roberts (LSHTM) sold us a new happier future, with less oil.

Sophie Scott (UCL) told us why we laugh and how comedy and neuroscience are natural bedfellows.

Vince Mitchell (City University) told us what to spend our money on for a truly happy Xmas (and life).

Charlie and Sam from Glitter & Doom played rock Xmas carol karaoke, with a little help from Meringue (Neil). Even Steve and Miriam sang. Miriam new beforehand that she was going to sing. Steve did not.

The New York Times covered the gig. Yes THAT New York Times:

See you on January 18th for Bright Club: Brains!

February 4th Bright Club: Life. BACK AT THE BLOOMSBURY!

After a complete sellout of the Bloomsbury Theatre in October Bright Club returns.

This time we’re looking at LIFE. What is it? Where did it come from? How does it work? What on Earth are we going to do with it all?

Starring tonight:

Steve Hall (We Are Klang) – MC
Nick Doody
Andy Zaltzman (The Bugle Podcast)
Isy Suttie (Peep Show)
Jake Rodrigues, lunatic accordion genius
Sophie Scott, neuroscientist
Celia Morgan, psychopharmacologist
Chris Abram, old norse expert
Claire Thomson, film analyst
David McAlpine, hearing researcher
Carolyn McGettigan, neuroscientist
Tom Stern, philosopher
and Dean Burnett, brain man, homeopath teaser and science fan.

Ticket buying link: