Podcasts 14, 15 and 16 – The METAL series

These are some of the best podcasts we’ve ever done. Andrew O’Neill is joined by a trio of experts to look at three aspects of metal culture. In podcast 14 he and Debi Linton explore the Venn diagram that links palaeontology with metal fans. Yep, dinosaurs and headbanging in one.

In podcast 15, which has been put out essentially unedited he joins sociologist Titus Hjelm for an exploration of heavy metal culture, across Scandinavia and beyond. This is a meeting of titanic metal minds, and it would have been a crime to chop any of it out.

In podcast 16 he talks ancient metal with Ruth Fillery-Travis, archaeometallurgist, and finds out why its more fun to work on Roman slags than exciting-looking swords.

Podcasts can be downloaded from the link that says ‘Podcasts’ up top ^


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