Venue Accessibility

Bright Club is committed to being an accessible event, which means we pick venues where as many people as possible are able to enjoy coming to a gig. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be accessible for everyone, and we do often find it hard to find genuinely accessible venues. But we like to hear from people who have access needs and would like to come along to a Bright Club, so that we can advise on what is possible.

Below is some information on the accessibility of our venues. If you have any questions or want to get in touch about specific access requirements, please email us on or call Lizzy on 020 3108 1198


The Star of Kings, York Way
Our venue at the Star of Kings is down a flight of stairs, and so is not accessible for wheelchair users.

The Bloomsbury Theatre
Two or three times a year we take Bright Club to the Bloomsbury Theatre. The Bloomsbury Theatre has wheelchair spaces and the auditorium is accessible from street level by a ramp and wheelchair lifts. There is an infra-red hearing system installed in the auditorium, and headsets for this can be given by front of house staff on request.

The theatre will also give a free ticket to a disabled persons friend or helper.

Prospective performers:

We want as many people as possible from UCL to give Bright Club a go. This means if you want to take part, and have specific access requirement, whether it’s a ramp to get on the stage or a sign language interpreter, we will work with you and the venue to make sure that it is possible. Send an email or give us a call to let us know you are keen, and we can discuss any arrangements that need to be made.

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