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More acts added for the 10th February!

We just added Tom Allen, Stuart Goldsmith and Giorgio Savini to the lineup for February’s massive Bloomsbury Theatre gig! Get tickets now from

Bright Club: Bodies, Wilmington Arms London, January 17th

Bright Club cracks open the New Year with a look at what’s going on inside us.

Join compere Alex Horne (, musical maestro Jay Foreman ( and a selection of amazing scientists, medics and historians of medicine as they try to make sense of all the little bits of you.


Matt Wall, neurologist
Subhadra Das, museum and dead body expert
Vin Walsh, neuroscientist
Anna Maerker, medical historian

And more!

Tickets are £5 from

Doors are 7.30pm at the Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell.

Bright Club: Love at the Bloomsbury Theatre February 10th

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so it’s time for Bright Club to put the romance into your year. Join our line-up of comedians, musicians and researchers to find out about everything from duck sex to medieval seduction, and from internet dating to the pure love of a scientist for her apparatus (not that kind of apparatus).
Tonight’s performers are:
Tom Price, MC, Torchwood star and lover of the finer things in life.
Tom Allen, Comedian, raconteur and Noel Coward fan
Stuart Goldsmith, star of ITV’s Show Me The Funny
Strawberry & Cream, seductive songstresses who will steal your heart away.
Cath Mercer, statistician of Britain’s sexual habits
Richard Cole, reader of romantic poetry
Geraldine Horan, linguist and collector of filthy language
Liam Graham, the economist who knows where a love of money leadsS
Suze Kundu, lover of chemistry and all things nano
Sam Tazzyman, predictor of sexual behaviour
Chiara Ambrosio, philosopher and lover of all the arts and sciences
Giorgio Savini, who loves the whole Universe