Monthly Archives: March 2011

April 19th – Bright Club: The World

March sold out. Completely. Sorry about that.

This month we take on the entire frickin’ world, with the following geniuses leading us.

Josie Long – MC. We’ve been trying to book her for ages and ages because we know she’s going to be mind blowingly-amazing and perfect for Bright Club.

Sleepy Ed Hicks – Banjo man. Returning after two fantastic sets for us in November.

Ulrich Tiedau – Low countries historian.

Andrew Walton – Philosopher and political scientist

Geraldine Horan – Linguist

Mike Hughson – Vaccine engineer

And more!

This should be a good one, combining new talent from some academic disciplines who have never been represented at Bright Club before with some serious professional expertise. Tickets are £5 and doors 8pm.