This week: SPACE

A million thanks to those of you who came along to Space on Tuesday. The room was nice and full, the atmosphere was delighful, and the acts were all something special.

The following people performed on the night:

Robin Ince set the scene, with a little help from Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman and Melanie Philips

Richard Robinson, genius, described how his doing his washing reminds him of the origins of life.

Matty Hoban, quantum physicist, explained how other universes work, and how we can use them to do our calculations for us.

Hugo Spiers, neuroscientist, revealed how ants and London cab drivers navigate space.

Mark Westmoquette and Roger ‘UCL’ Wesson, astronomers, reassured us that there’s still a hell of a lot we don’t know about the Universe.

The Sound of the Ladies (, explored the galaxy through song, even uncovering some things that don’t exist.

This event was supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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