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Bright Club: Happiness – Dec 13th

It’s nearly Xmas. HAPPY.
It’s winter. NOT HAPPY.

This month Bright Club pushes the envelope so far that it becomes a small packet.

Join compere David Morgan ( as he leads a conga line of academics, scientists and researchers in the dance of happiness, to try and find some ways out of our winter blues.

A hastily thrown together musical troupe will be joining us for some punk-style Xmas carol karaoke. Message Miriam now if you’d like to sing! The core of the group is Charlie and Sam from the fantastic Glitter and Doom (

And on knowledge this month:

Sophie Scott, neuroscientist, who knows what makes you laugh (

Vince Mitchell, consumer marketing expert, who knows what you should buy to cheer yourself up (

Kathryn Waddington, psychosocial scientist, who can make you happy at work (

Andrew Tolmie, psychologist, who will help you talk yourself happy (

and Kath Woolf, medical educator, who helps doctors become happy through success (

Doors are at 8, Show starts at 8.30 and it’ll cost you a fiver. This Bright Club is at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RL.

What happened at Bright Club: Hidden Treasures

The biggest and most tiring Bright Club ever.
A complete sell-out of the Bloomsbury Theatre (there were 550 of you there!).
And some amazing performers.

Simon Munnery compered, seducing the huge audience into submission with whimsy.
Steve Cross talked about the fear that Bright Club strikes into the hearts of University staff.
Chiara Ambrosio gave out relationship advice based in 20th-century art.
Steve Hall dug out the hidden treasures of his life. One of which involved a clumsy duck.
Joe Flatman revealed that all the vikings wanted was sex and violence.
Subhadra Das outed Indiana Jones as a cultural criminal.
Debbie Challis reminisced about archaeology’s dubious history.
Ruth Fillery-Travis found out that digging for treasure isn’t all fun and games.
Robin Ince slayed a few sacred cows.
Anne Welsh helped libraries and museums to stop hiding their treasures.
Mark Carnall revealed the secret life of museum curators.
and Strawberry and Cream sang seductive songs.

Bright Club: Ink – November 16th

We’re Back!

After our total sell-out of the Bloomsbury Theatre last month (that’s 550 people!) Bright Club returns to the Wilmington Arms for some ink-based action.

This month’s compere is Jim Smallman, who has seen a little bit of ink in his time, and music comes from Banjo-playing wisecracker Sleepy Ed Hicks.

On the expert side, we’ve got John Troyer, looking at tattoos, Natasha McEnroe, who knows all about fingerprints, Danish printing expert Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen and many many more.

Doors are 8pm and it’ll cost you a fiver.

See you there!