Monthly Archives: January 2011

Under two weeks to Bright Club: Life

Bright Club: Life, our second tilt at the windmill that is the Bloomsbury Theatre, is less than 2 weeks away. Get your tickets now from


Steve Hall
Isy Suttie
Andy Zaltzman
Nick Doody
Jake Rodrigues
Prof Sophie Scott
Prof David McAlpine
Dr Claire Thomson
Dr Chris Abram
Dr Celia Morgan
Dr Tom Stern
Dr Carolyn McGettigan and
Dr Dean Burnett

And all for a FIVER!

Feb 4th. 7.30 start.

They’re taking over again! Revolution II

It’s happening again! In November we had our first Revolution, when six members of the wider Bright Club family took to the stage in place of our usual intellectuals to tell us about their lives, loves and work. And now we’re doing it all over again.

After wowing the New York Times in December, David Morgan is back in the compere slot (, and Jo Stephenson ( and one of her many, many ukuleles handling musical duties.

In our ‘expert’ slots are:

Charlie Pyne, music teacher (and half of Strawberry and Cream)
Steve Hewitt, intellectual drinker
Alex Sarll, man of letters
Rebecca Machin, film-maker
Rick Crawford, co-curator of the Manchester Bright Club and
Jane Gregory, psychologist.

The gig’s Feb 15th in the Wilmington Arms. Come along and LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!!