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Catching up on past gigs – Books, 21st July 2010

Ah, you literary types are demanding. So we gave you everything you could ever have wanted and more.

Sarah Bennetto was the master storyteller, constructing the narrative for the night.

Chiara Ambrosio revealed Picasso’s sexy secrets that the art books never tell you.

Myles MacDonald wondered what the ancient Greeks were smoking when they wrote their legends.

Jane Gilbert took us into the history of books, cows, and medieval sexual roles.

Nick Canty exposed the seedy underbelly of publishing.

Steve Cross told the story of buying 600 diet books. Check down below for the video!

Nic Fleming shared what it’s like to really hunt for a story.

And Helen Arney played sweet, sweet music. Helen and Sarah also combined for the second-ever appearance of their new indie band, Noah and the Snail. It’s not clear who is the Snail.

This month’s photos were taken by Michelle at

Steve Cross – Buying Diet Books video

Catching up on past gigs – Heroes, June 14th 2010

It turns out that this was one of the last ever gigs at the Cross Kings on York Way. It’s sad to see such an important venue close, especially after showing us such a fantastic time.

Elis James took charge, and told us enough about his hero-worshipping past to make us all uncomfortable.

Matthew Robinson, Greek and Latin expert, revealed that the Romans’ two main interests were building things and killing people, and explained the hilarity this caused.

Matt Parker, mathematician, unlocked the maths behind some ancient mysteries. Like where Woolworths used to be.

Jason Dittmer, geographer, dug into a lucky dip full of nationalist superheroes and came up covered in Captain Britain.

Sarah Dhanjal, archaeologist, reminisced about Mortimer Wheeler, wore a fake moustache and tried to put the sex back into archaeology.

Maggie Gray, art historian, gave some very sensible advice about how to avoid Alan Moore putting a curse on you.

The Sound of The Ladies made sweet, sweet music to us all night long.

Podcast 11 – Matt Pope and Bec Hill

In the third ‘Food’ podcast archaeologist Matt Pope tries to get Bec Hill and Steve Cross to turn their lives around; To reject their constant diets of baked beans and mustard sandwiches (Bec) and crisps and beer (Steve) for something more Stone Age. Maybe some food we’ve been chasing for 13 hours. Click ‘Podcasts’ up top for the links!

Podcast 10 – James Kneale and Bec Hill

This Week James Kneale in in the hot seat, to take us (Bec Hill and Steve Cross) on a roller coaster ride through the history of drink. Links are on the right, and on the ‘PODCASTS’ page (link up top).

Podcast 9 – Laura Ishiguro and Bec Hill

The first of our ‘Food’ podcasts in now up on the iTunes and RSS feeds. Laura Ishiguro, who seems to spend a lot of time in libraries reading other people’s letters, tells comedian Bec Hill and Bright Club’s resident ignoramus Steve Cross about the diets of colonising Brits in Canada and India.