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October 14th – Bright Club at the Star of Kings

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are turning brown; the nights are drawing in; the journey to work is suddenly overrun with children in oversized blazers their parents hope will last them the full 5 years of secondary school; you’re considering whether it’s time to dig your oversized knits out from the back of the cupboard when suddenly an unseasonably warm day surprises you with a sunburnt nose.

That’s right. Summer is over.

But let’s not be too sad. Bright Club is here to keep you going through the autumn months with jocular jests about jolly research.

We’re back to our new haunt, the Star of Kings, on October 14th for some brilliant researchers totally new to this comedy lark, and a couple of pro comedians to help them along.

Hosted by Matt Richardson – who has, according to the Guardian, ‘an irresistible twinkle’

Headlined by Angela Barnes 

UCL people will be:

Alexander Samson – Spanish and Latin American studies

Mathew Robinson – Biochemical Engineering

Mathew Tata – Ophthalmology

Tom O’Donnell – Science and Technology Studies

Roxana Bratu – Slavonic and East European Studies

Michael Sulu – Biochemical Engineering

Comedians to be announced!

Tickets: £5



Line up for our Kew Gardens events!

We’ve got our line up sorted for our special gigs at Kew Gardens.

We’re taking intoxicants as part of Kew’s autumn festival ‘Intoxication’. On Sunday 21st September and Sunday 5th October we’ll be in the The Princess of Wales Conservatory Film Room from 4.15-5.15pm with:

21st September

Comedian compere: David Morgan

Dr. James Kneale – on dangerous drinking

Dr Matt Ingleby – booze in Victorian fiction

Lee Davies – intoxicating plants

5th October

Comedian compere: Ed Gamble

Prof Imran Rasul – the economics of depenalising cannabis possession

Rebecca Ellis – coffee house culture in early modern Britain

Sonja Lehtinen – knows a lot about yeast. Yeast makes beer. Beer gets you drunk!

Entry is free to Bright Club, but you’ll need to buy a ticket to Kew.

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