Catching up on past gigs – Metal. Jan 19th 2010

Oh my.

Oh my my my.

This was so good that it hurt.

Andrew O’Neill got us singing Slayer and brought his Dad along so that he could reveal the truth behind some stories.

Ruth Fillery-Travis compared a man with a golden penis sheath to Hitler.

Debi Linton revealed that palaeontologists are mainly host organisms for the replicating virus that is Gary Larson’s Far Side.

Rufus Hound took us through the periodic table, making sure that we knew EXACTLY where every metal band belonged. He also revealed that after the top-three lines of the table he makes up element names.

Titus Hjelm revealed that metallers don’t get much sex on the road. Well, not as much as their fellow lecturers believe, anyway.

David McAlpine showed that Def Leppard are even more terrible when heard through a cochlear implant.

Astrohenge closed the show with a shocking display of manliness and metal madness.

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