Catching up on past gigs – Sea (Brighton Show)

Our first ever Bright Club outside London. How exciting! Our brave performers took to the water, addressing the crowd from a flat-bottomed boat above a tank full of sharks. And a giant turtle. Thanks to the Sea Life Centre, Brighton, for the amazing venue, and to the Wellcome Trust for the financial support that allowed us to try such a big and weird gig.

Rufus Hound introduced us to the wonders of the deep: “The big one”, “the little yellow fish” and who can forget “the round black thing”.

Tom Morgan told us why sharks get a bad press, and dolphins are not to be trusted.

Tristan Smith hoped that we could find a way to stop shipping from drowning the world through climate change.

Richard Robinson revealed how life began in the sea. And not in his washing machine.

Mark Carnall explained in explicit detail why you should stay away from the briny depths.

and Strawberry and Cream sang songs about why “it’s better, down where it’s wetter”.

Notable comedy photographer Ed Moore took some great shots that can be found on Facebook.

Here are some photos by Hilary Jackson:

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