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11th December – Bright Club: Presents at Wilmington Arms

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It can’t have escaped your notice that Christmas is around the corner. That most magical of days when families come together to celebrate the birth of Santa Claus and exchange presents of valuable coal and citrus fruits. As part of the festivities Bright Club, the night where researchers become stand-up comics for one night, brings you a selection of choice brain/laughter treats in the shape of:

MC – Joel Dommett, who has been on Skins (don’t hold it against him – he’s still funny as hell).

Headliner – It’s only the flipping amazing BEC HILL!


Mark Lancaster, High Energy Physicist
Martin Austwick, Modeller of Social Stuff
Aneesha Singh, Human-Computer Interaction Expert
Criag Robertson, Architect and Energy Guru
Jack Stilgoe, Science Policy Man and
Louise Nolan, Quantum Physicist

The gig’s in the usual place (the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Ave, EC1R 4RL) and tickets cost a fiver from

Doors are at 7.30pm.