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8th February – Bright Club: OUT at the Bloomsbury Theatre

Bright Club is back for the first gig of 2013! And it’s a giant Bloomsbury Theatre outing for us!

We have teamed up with the Camden LGBT Forum for a special gig for LGBT History Month.
Get your tickets now:

Compere: David Morgan, friend of Bright Club and television enthusiast

Comedian number 1: Mae Martin, guitar playing comedian, lately of Canada

Comedian number 2: Chris Neill, off of the radio, don’t you know.

And your researchers and other LGBT brain-boxes are:

Tessa Havers-Strong will be bringing space flight to you
Sky Yarlett is here to talk non-binary gender
Richard Mole is talking about his experiences researching homophobia
Sophie Scott explores what neuroscientists think they know about LGBT
Hugh Stevens discusses the Age of Englightenment
Regner Ramos explores the gay social media app Grindr
Clarence James Zitter-Tan thinks about wine
Anne Moore shares her experiences working for UCL abroad
Chiara Ambrosio looks back at the life of Gertrude Stein
and Shelley Bridgman will be looking back at trans people from history