Bright Club: The UK, May 18th, Bloomsbury Theatre


Tickets on-sale at:

It’s time to take on the Bloomsbury again!

For this special gig to celebrate the Bright Clubs springing up all over the UK, we’ve brought four of the hottest talents from outside London to take on four UCL performers to find out which city does the funny best.

Taking to the stage tonight are:

Chris Martin (MC) – anecdotalist, social commentator and very funny guy
Paul Sinha – international stand-up comedian and one of ITV’s Chasers
Angela Barnes – Winner BBC New Comedy award 2011

Jo Below – accordion squeezer and bad girl
Sleepy Ed Hicks – banjo man and tease 

From London:
Vincent Walsh, neuroscientist
Hannah Fry, social mathematician
Essi Viitanen, scandinavian film expert
Steve Cross, Bright Club svengali

From the UK:
Daniel Ridley- Ellis, timber scientist from Bright Club Edinburgh
Alison Eales, jazz historian from Bright Club Glasgow
Jacques Carolan, physicist from Bright Club Bristol
Hayley Frend, pathologist from Bright Club Cambridge

Tickets £8 from

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