Crime line-up announced!

With this month’s Bright Club only one day away, we’ve got the line-up for next month ready for your dissection and delectation.

Michael Fabbri comperes, after blowing Miriam away with some top-class criminal comedy at the Leicester Comedy Festival. Here are the kind of things you can expect.

Colin Hazel takes on the challenge of performing some of the most dastardly music imaginable.

Chris Abram will be dissecting the two great poetic genres inspired by crime – gangster rap and viking verse.

Celia Morgan will be trying to make sense of UK drug policy.

Kathy Tubb will be reporting back from the front-line of the war against archaeological looting.

Tom Stern will be trying to work out why we have laws anyway, and wondering what Nietzsche would make of it all.

Alex Braithwaite will be laughing in the face of terrorists all over the world.

Tuesday 16th March, Wilmington Arms. 8pm.


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