June 25th – Bright Club at the London Transport Museum

Delays on the Piccadilly Line – comical!

Face in someones armpit – hilarious!

Puncture on your Boris Bike – uproarious!

Isn’t commuting fun? Don’t you just love the crowds, the heat, the smell of oil…?

Actually, here at Bright Club, we do love transport* – so we’ve teamed up with the London Transport Museum for the third of our partnership gigs of 2014.

With three transport researchers from UCL, and three folk from London Transport Museum telling you tales to make you giggle – buses and trains have never been so funny. Not only that, but tickets to this event include a free return ticket to the Museum within one month of the event taking place – so you can indulge your inner trainspotter even more.

Compared by:

David Morgan – ‘A joy to behold’ (Metro), just like the new routemasters


Elis James – ‘had me laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe for about 10 minutes’ (Scotsman), as if you were running for the number 38!

And featuring:

Roselle Thoreau – UCL Centre for Transport Studies

Catherine Holloway – UCL Accessibility Research Group

Raquel Velho – UCL Science and Technology Studies

Kathryn Skillings – LTM Community Training Manager

Joe Lewis –  LTM Youth Travel Ambassadors Programme

Katarina Mauranen – LTM Project curator for HLF Battle Bus

Tickets:  £10 Adults; £8 Concessions (with free entry to the museum within pone month!)


London Transport Museum Logo

*Disclaimer: One of the Bright Club team may or may not have grown up in Crewe, land of trains. This may or may not influence the enthusiasm of the Bright Club team towards transport.


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