June 11th – Bright Club at the Natural History Museum Late

Now, we all know that Bright Club is the place to see university researchers doing something brilliant. And that’s why we’ve been invited along to the Natural History Museum on 11th June to take part in a celebration for Universities Week.

Just like a normal exciting museum late event, you can wander round after dark, spotting Stegosaurus shadows and quaffing vino in front of ancient fossils, but there will also be loads of lovely university people there from all over the country. There is more information on the Universities Week and NHM websites.

Bright Club will be on twice, at 7.15 and 9.15 in the Attenborough studio. Gigs will be just 30 minutes long, and include 2 researchers and the comedian David Morgan. And did we mention – it’s all FREE!

Researchers will be:

Kate Storrs UCL Brain Sciences

Simone Keunen UCL Economics

Rob Stanley UCL CoMPLEX

Claire Asher UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment

No need to buy tickets, because it is FREE!

Universities Week logoNatural History Museum Logo


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