16th July – Bright Club: Summer at the Wilmington Arms

The sun is shining, the parks are filling up with lunch time revellers, ice cream sales are rocketing…

Two of these are probably true. Hopefully the sun will show its face soon.

In honour of the slightly warmer than winter temperatures we have been having, Bright Club on July 16th is themed on Summer.

This is also our last ever gig at the Wilmington Arms, our home for the past 3 years! So come along to celebrate everything that the Wilmington Arms has given us over the years: affordable beer, pretty good sound and lighting, but mostly space to develop Bright Club into what it is today.

There will be old acts and new acts for our finale, and some brilliant comedians. After this we’ll be breaking until October when we will arrive back in a shiny new venue.

So join comedians:
John Robins (compere)
Jim Smallman (headliner)

And the academic types:
Claire Asher – likes evolution
Ida Barlow – likes biology
Mike Fell – likes energy
Lucía Magis Weinberg – likes brains
Niall Sreenan – likes Darwin
John Atkinson – likes cyber security
Steve Cross – likes Bright Club

Tickets: £5



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