18th June – Bright Club: Broken at the Wilmington Arms

We are back for our penultimate gig at the Wilmington Arms!

That means only two more shows at our favourite venue!

That’s right, we are breaking the habit of years and moving elsewhere. We are broken hearted, hear us weep.

In honour of this, we are celebrating all things broken this month. Join us to break some promises, break the rules, and possibly break the sound barrier (when I say possibly, this won’t be happening). But please, respect our beloved venue and don’t go breaking their glasses, or each other’s bones!

Your comedians this month come in the form of:

Joe Lycett – as your compere
Elis James – to headline

We’ve got some great UCL researchers lined up to keep you laughing, including:

Alisa Anokhina – on the psychology of weight loss
Gareth Williams – biochemist
Sonja Lehtinen – biologist
Sarah Wiseman – mathematician
Paula Wright – on feminist evolutionary psychology

Tickets, £5:



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