9th May – Bright Club: Reading at the Bloomsbury Theatre

It’s going to be massive!

It’s going to be funny!

It’s going to be Bright Club at the Bloomsbury Theatre!

That’s right, we are back at our favourite venue for a huge gig for the second time in 2013. On May 9th, Bright Club will be turning a new page to bring you an event all about Reading.

Bright Club: Reading is part of Something Else for the Weekend, the weekend section of the UCL Festival of the Arts, which will be bringing you a variety of interactive, exploratory and innovative activities also themed around reading.

As per usual at our big gigs, there will be 10 (TEN!) researchers and 3 comedians, and it’ll all be a jolly funny time.

So far we have lined up as your academic types:

Sarah Wiseman – human and computer interaction expert
Antonio Sennis – medieval historian
Geraldine Horan – Linguist
Tom Oleron Evans – plagiarism expert
Steve Cross – mid-ranking university administrator
Paul Hellier – engineer of bio-fuels
Andrew Pontzen – string theorist
Daniel Richardson – cognitive psychologist
Claire Thomson – expert on Scandinavia
Andrew Holding – organiser of Bright Club Cambridge! (and also a scientist)

And for the Comedians:

Ed Gamble – as your host
Nathaniel Metcalfe
with as your headliner, we have the brilliant John Gordillo!

Tickets are already on sale and will go fast! (£8 + booking fee)



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