19th February – Bright Club: Culture at the Wilmington Arms

For our second gig of 2013, and our first at the Wilmington Arms, we present to you: Bright Club: CULTURE.

While our academic and researchers are busy getting all LGBT at the Bloomsbury Theatre, come and find out how museums, novels, plays, TV, music and loads of other cultural forms really work. Meet the characters who hide in the shadows and hear about the weird ways in which people make art happen.

Tickets are £5: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/208266

This gig is a fundraiser for Arts Emergency who campaign to make degrees and careers in arts and culture available to everyone. Once the venue is paid for all proceeds go to the charity – all acts are performing for free.

Headlining will be Holly Burn, part comedy, part cabaret all brilliant, and your MC will be Steve Cross, fresh from a solid schedule of compering gigs about science, museums and other flavours of intellectual entertainment

Your cultural speakers will be:
Fiona Laird (theatre director)
Will Eaves (novelist)
Rachel Souhami (museum curator)
Sarah Heenan (writer and director)
Marc Burrows (musician)
Jennie Jacobs (actor)

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