It’s tomorrow!! Huge gig at the Bloomsbury Theatre

Our giant gig at the Bloomsbury Theatre is tomorrow, and it’s incredibly exciting.

Details and tickets are available here:

And the amazing lineup is:

Compere: Andrew O’Neill, the man behind the red button comedy on Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle and a hilarious amalgam of jokes, metal and cross-dressing.

First half closer: David Trent, nominated for the Best Newcomer award in Edinburgh this

Headliner: The incredible Zoe Lyons!!

And our researchers:
Gemma Angel Historian of tattoos and melder of art and science, UCL and the Science Museum
Angela McShane Cultural historian of drinking, Royal College of Art and the V&A
Brendan Clarke Philosopher of medicine, UCL
Chris Arridge Planetary physicist, UCL
Steven Gray Twitter mapper, UCL
Tom Manly Cognitive neuroscientist, MRC Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Cambridge
Richard North Professor of old english, UCL
Simon Jolly Proton physicist, UCL
Anna Maerker Historian of medicine, King’s College London
Hannah Fry Mathematical modeller of social stuff, UCL

See you there for a night of insight, intelligence, but mainly laughing till your face hurts.


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