Bright Club: Acting – October 16th, Wilmington Arms

Since the University people are in the Bloomsbury Theatre this month, it’s time for a special gig looking outside academia for funny stories and amazing knowledge. This month Bright Club welcomes performers from the world of drama. Actors, writers, directors and techs will become stand-up comedians for one night to share the strange working world they wander through.

Bright Club’s best mate Kent Valentine ( comperes tonight, with Britain’s biggest musical theatre fan, David Morgan ( , headlining. They’ll be joined by some amazing dramatic talent:

Steve Hansell, actor and TV star (HE HAS A PAGE ON THE DR. WHO WIKI!!!)
Jennie Jacobs, actor, singer and fox impersonator
Eve D’Alton, stage tech and sufferer of actors’ worst excesses
Stephe Harrop, story-teller, drama tutor, classicist and director
Robert Waters, actor, tech and sufferer of drama students
Leila Al-Jeboury, actor and corporate training starAnd more too!

Tickets are on-sale from for £5

Doors for the gig are 7.30pm, at the Wilmington Arms, Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, EC1R 4RL. The gig goes on to about 10.30.

Come and find out who secretly hates who behind the scenes and the camera!


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