Back at the Bloomsbury Theatre! October 24th

It’s the biggest place we ever play!

It hosts the hottest lineups we can pull together!

It’s London’s best comedy venue and it’s owned by London’s best University!

Bright Club returns to the Bloomsbury Theatre!

On October 24th join us for an incredible lineup of comedy talent, most of them researchers and academics making their work hilarious for you.

Here’s our incredible line-up:

COMPERE: Andrew O’Neill, the man behind the red button comedy on Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle and a hilarious amalgam of jokes, metal and cross-dressing.

FIRST HALF CLOSER: David Trent, nominated for the Best Newcomer award in Edinburgh this year.

HEADLINER: The incredible Zoe Lyons!!


Gemma Angel – historian of tattoos and melder of art and science
Angela McShane – cultural historian of drinking. Yum!
Brendan Clarke – philosopher of medicine
Chris Arridge – planetary physicist
Steven Gray – Twitter mapper
Tom Manly – Cognitive neuroscientist
Richard North – Professor of old english
Simon Jolly – Proton physicist
Anna Maerker – historian of medicine
Hannah Fry – mathematical modeller of social stuff


The Bloomsbury Theatre is on Gordon St, near Euston station for all your tube, rail and bus requirements. The gig starts at 7.30pm on October 24th, so you’d better be there by 7ish to get yourself a drink first. Tickets are £8 and subject to a booking fee unless you buy from the box office in person. We don’t control the booking fee!


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