Bright Club: Noise, December 13th at the Wilmington Arms



This month we’re laughing at noise, from sound to speech to all those extraneous things that make it harder to work out what the hell is going on out there.

Ringmaster tonight is Ed Gamble, the noisiest man we could find.

And in expert corner all of these brainboxes:

Giorgio Savini – A physicist and builder of delicate instrumentation, trying to make sense of the noise of the Universe
Mel Pinet – A speech and language scientist, who knows how we understand people when we just can’t hear them
Harry Cliff – A high-energy physicist, who stares at readings of the inifinitesmal and hopes they’re real
Jon Gallagher – a historian of English, who knows all the things normal people used to say, and what they sounded like
Sarah Morgan – an optometrist, who makes a glorious noise about the importance of eyecare
Steve Cross – Bright Club co-organiser, occasional sound engineer and music snob

And a return of the surprising and surreal Sleepy Ed Hicks on the banjo.

Tickets are £5, Doors are 7.30pm and it’s all at the Wilmington Arms. See you there!

Tickets from:

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