Bright Club: Humanities. October 18th Wilmington Arms

This month Bright Club, where top academics perform stand-up comedy about their work, cracks open the books for some rounded humanities education.

For this very special scientist-free gig James Sherwood moves from the musical slot to MC. He’s the captain, leading the team by example. Geniuses joining him will be:

Musical genius, concertina squeezer and complicated woman Jo Below.

Simon Lock, who studies how science really works.
Brendan Clarke, the philosopher who used to think that philosophy was nonsense
Henry Woudhuysen, whose latest book is the Oxford Book of the Book (almost)
Hazel Genn, an expert on legal justice
Chris Mann, who teaches history to soldiers
Liam Graham, our economics guru

They’ll be joined by a special musical guest (who we’re currently booking!).

Doors are at 8pm. Tickets cost £5 from

The gig is at the Wilmington Arms, our spiritual home.

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