Bright Club: Happiness – Dec 13th

It’s nearly Xmas. HAPPY.
It’s winter. NOT HAPPY.

This month Bright Club pushes the envelope so far that it becomes a small packet.

Join compere David Morgan ( as he leads a conga line of academics, scientists and researchers in the dance of happiness, to try and find some ways out of our winter blues.

A hastily thrown together musical troupe will be joining us for some punk-style Xmas carol karaoke. Message Miriam now if you’d like to sing! The core of the group is Charlie and Sam from the fantastic Glitter and Doom (

And on knowledge this month:

Sophie Scott, neuroscientist, who knows what makes you laugh (

Vince Mitchell, consumer marketing expert, who knows what you should buy to cheer yourself up (

Kathryn Waddington, psychosocial scientist, who can make you happy at work (

Andrew Tolmie, psychologist, who will help you talk yourself happy (

and Kath Woolf, medical educator, who helps doctors become happy through success (

Doors are at 8, Show starts at 8.30 and it’ll cost you a fiver. This Bright Club is at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RL.


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