Bright Club: Revolution – September 21st 2010

This month we’ve flipped Bright Club upside-down, with six regular audience members taking to the stage for the first time to find the funny in their jobs, hobbies and expertise. They’ve listened for too long – now THEY’RE in charge!


Kent Valentine – Bright Club’s best mate will be the Pied Piper to this crowd of comedy newcomer
Colin Hazel – Tinkling the ivories
Alex Nightingale – The urban librarian who’s as hard as (well-manicured) nails
Hugh Harvey – Melanin-challenged musician
Mark Ewins – Knows the secrets of your dinner
Rob Davis – The most playful guy in town
Elise Bramich – Obsessed by size. Sorry boys.
Benji Fox – Bright Club soundman turned audio intellectual.

So get your behind down to the Wilmington Arms on September 21st. 8pm. £5 of your hard-earned cash!


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