Podcast 8 – Matt Piper and Steve Hall

In this podcast, the last of our 4 with a ‘Time’ theme, Steve Hall interviews Matt Piper, a researcher from the UCL Institute for Healthy Ageing. Steve Cross spouts his usual rubbish while the guests try and understand what ageing is, how you can slow it down, and what it means to live longer. Unfortunately, most of the healthy living advice generated (“don’t drown in rotten fruit” for example) is only immediately relevant for fruit flies. This podcast was supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. Lovely people.

As ever, the opinions expressed in this podcast are not necessarily those of Bright Club or of anyone’s employers. They’re usually not even our opinions – we really will say absolutely anything to try and get a laugh.

Download links are on the right, or you can click on ‘PODCASTS’ up top.


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