Next gig – July 21st, Bright Club: Books

Finally all the football will be done. Time to stretch out on a sunny bit of grass somewhere and read a book. But which book?

Join another cast of intellectuals and funny people at the Wilmington Arms (“It’s coming home. It’s coming home. It’s coming…”) for a night of laughing out loud, rolling on the floor laughing, and laughing your asses off. Wow. That took a long time to type. I wish someone would invent some way of typing those activities more quickly.

This month with:

Sarah Bennetto, Comedian ( who tells some of the funniest stories in the world.

Helen Arney in the musical chair (see what I did there?)

Jane Gilbert, French Manuscript expert, who has translated some very strange and hilarious stories.

Nicholas Canty, Publishing Guru and information master.

Nic Fleming, Master wordsmith.

Myles MacDonald, young sociologist and Youtube star.

Steve Cross, the coach of Bright Club, putting himself into the game to reveal his diet book addiction.

and many more very, very funny people.

Free sweets! £5 to get in! Turn up nice and early (doors 8pm) to get a seat.


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