Film line-up announced

How does Avatar manage to be so 3-dimensional, and yet so 1-dimensional at the same time?

Why did George Lucas leave the shot of a stormtrooper walking into a door in Star Wars?

Who shot Bambi’s Mum?

None of these questions will be answered in Bright Club: Film. We’re much cleverer than that, and we think film is a much bigger and more interesting subject than Hollywood Blockbusters. Especially once you put a Bright Club spin on it!

This month’s compere is Andrew Collins, recently voted SECOND in the Lovefilm poll to replace Jonathan Ross on Film 94/97/98 (please pick whichever one suits you best). He’s also written for Eastenders, played tunes on BBC 6music, and was fantastic at 9 Lessons and Carols for Godless Children at the Bloomsbury Theatre with his Secret Dancing.

With Andrew will be a crew of film researchers, expertly assembled by Claire Thomson (Film Studies Lecturer). They include:

Mike Yorke – documentary anthroplogist and expert on how a witch-doctor can tell if you’ve been filming a eunuch.

Anne Welsh – information specialist and ex-librarian with stories of exploding film.

Peter Mullany, biofilm expert. A man who knows what all those nasty things growing in your bath are.

Charlie Dunnill, chemist. Charlie makes thin films that kill Peter’s biofilms. And anything else that tries to stick to them.

And many, many more!

February 16th (Tuesday). Wilmington Arms. 8pm. £5.


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