Catching up on past gigs: Time, October 21st 2009

Bright Club: Time was the first of three gigs to be supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Steve Hall, of We Are Klang fame, blagged his way in by claiming to have embarassing teenage diaries. But he was as funny as hell, so no-one minded.

Joe Flatman, archaeologist, used cherry bakewells to explain why all the good stuff is buried.

Mario Campanelli, physicist, revealed that, although it might look like time can go backwards, it can really only go forwards.

Ian Hamilton, building scientist, told us what future buildings will look like, partly by putting a plastic bag over his own head.

Matt Parker, mathematician, found all the jokes in the dates that make up our lives.

Subhadra Das, museums expert, asked us all to think about the present as a vital part of time, and encouraged us to deface a museum piece or monument on the way out.

Then the Vatican Cellars closed the show with melancholy songs of love, loss, memory and the passing of time.

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