Metal line-up confirmed!

Oh my… This might be the best Bright Club yet. Get yourselves to the Wilmington Arms on January 19th to burn off those Xmas calories through laughter and by making your brain work.

I’m frightened. This is the Bright Club most likely to degenerate into anarchy. Andrew O’Neill is thankfully going to be holding it all together

He’ll be accompanied by Astrohenge

Titus Hjelm, Sociologist of nordic heavy metal culture, and satanism!

Debi Linton, ex-president of the UCLU Rock and Metal Society, Palaeontologist and general skull, bones and fossils guru

Prof. David McAlpine, who knows exactly what all that hard-living is doing to your ability to hear your favourite music

Rufus Hound, Funnyman

and Ruth Fillery Travis, Metalloarchaeologist, who will be telling the history of the world through metal.

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