Everyone who has ever played at Bright Club

From the start!

Richard Herring

Mark Carnall, UCL Grant Museum of Zoology

Rosie Coates, Chemist

Cath Mercer, Statistician of Sex

Sasha Garwood and Matt Wilshire, Poetry performers

Reynir Thor Eggertsson, Viking

Claire Thomson and Richard Farmer, Film lecturers

Gethan Dick and Emma Welsh, writers/artists

Ginger Tom, band

Robin Ince

Sarah Bell, Civil Engineer

Matt Ingleby, Bloomsbury Expert

Ben Campkin, Urbanist

Tony White, Author

Shabby Jake, Cockney

Steve Hall

Mario Campanelli, Physicist

Matt Parker, Master of Numbers

Joe Flatman, Archaeologist

Subhadra Das, Museum Expert

Ian Hamilton, Building Scientist

The Vatican Cellars, Band

Kent Valentine

Lucie Green, Solar physicist

Emily Cook, Medical physicist

Sheila Kanani, Space physicist

Martin Austwick, Laser medical physicist

Strawberry & Cream, Band

Hugo Spiers, Neuroscientist

Richard Robinson, Science Festival Director & Raconteur

Matty Hoban, Quantum physicist

Mark Westmoquette and Roger Wesson, astronomers

The Sound of the Ladies, Musician


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