November 20th – Bright Club: Filth at the Phoenix, Cavendish Square

This month we have teamed up with UCLoo, a month long festival seeking to find an alternative to the wasteful water based toilet, to bring you an event all about what comes out our other ends – and what happens to it afterwards!

There will be more bottom based jokes than you can shake a stool at (and more poo puns than you’d want to!).

Featuring two of London’s top comedians: Nish Kumar and James Acaster plus 6 UCL researchers:

Lena Ciric – explores the bacteria in your backside
Monica Bohm – shares stories of waste from the animal world
Charlotte Barrow – will delve into sustainable dirt
Sarah Bell – shares some sewer situations
Hui Teh – telling tales of toilet design
Kate Oliver – shares experiences building for your convenience

Tickets: £5

Even the Queen does it, you know.

Please be aware that the venue for Bright Club is down a number of stairs. To discuss access please call Lizzy on 020 3108 1198 or on

November 5th – Bright Club: Fire at the Bloomsbury Theatre

Remember, remember the 5th of November, and come along to Bright Club: Fire.

We’re back at the Bloomsbury Theatre with a gig packed full of smouldering UCL talent.

Hosted by flaming hot comedian Matt Richardson, headliner will be Holly Walsh and featuring cabaret superstar Lady Carol, join ten researchers as they channel their inner comic genius to show us that university research isn’t always as serious as you might think.

The jokes will be kept burning by:

Sonja Lehtinen – UCl CoMPLEX
Malcolm Finlay – UCL Medicine
Paula Morgenstern – UCL Energy Institute
Gareth Williams – UCL School of Pharmacy
Claire Asher – Genetics, Evolution and Environment
Giorgio Savini – UCL Astrophysics Group
Matt Ingleby – UCL Centre for Languages and International Education
Sophie Scott – Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
Steve Cross – Bright Club torch bearer

Tickets: £8
(booking fee £2.50 per transaction)

October 11th – Bright Club at the British Museum SOLD OUT

On October 11th, we’re doing a super special gig at the British Museum, where museum staff will be joining some of UCL’s finest researchers to dig out the funnier side of the museum’s collections.

There’ll be gaffes about galleries, artefact antics and curators cracking joke (but hopefully not the Roman pottery). And it’ll all be kept on track by one of London’s top comedians, David Morgan. But don’t worry, we’ll try not to Babylon.

So come along for a night of historical humour and museology mischief with:

From UCL:

Alicia Spencer-Hall on supernatural saints
Antonio Sennis on medieval monks

From the British Museum:

Mieka Harris and Laura Service will be giving a very special school session
George Benson will be taking us on a tour of the ancient Mediterranean
Tom Hockenhull shares his favourite museum merchandise

Tickets: £5 are now SOLD OUT

Bright Club at Green Man Festival 2013

Bright Club is heading back to Green Man Festival this August 15th-18th, and we are taking some of the best Bright Club talent from the last year with us from London, Manchester and Guildford.

If you are already going, or fancy joining us (tickets are still available for the festival), we’ll be in the Omni-Tent in Einstein’s Garden on the Friday and Sunday nights, 6pm-7pm.

24th July – Special gig with Bright Club Manchester and iCHSTM

On the 24th July we’re taking part in a special gig on the Fringe of the
24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Manchester.

Come to the Jabez Clegg on the Manchester University campus for a night of the funny side of the history of science and medicine, MCed by the man who started Bright Club, Steve Cross from UCL. Doors will be open from 8.30 and the gig starts at 9pm! It’s £2 to get in.


16th July – Bright Club: Summer at the Wilmington Arms

The sun is shining, the parks are filling up with lunch time revellers, ice cream sales are rocketing…

Two of these are probably true. Hopefully the sun will show its face soon.

In honour of the slightly warmer than winter temperatures we have been having, Bright Club on July 16th is themed on Summer.

This is also our last ever gig at the Wilmington Arms, our home for the past 3 years! So come along to celebrate everything that the Wilmington Arms has given us over the years: affordable beer, pretty good sound and lighting, but mostly space to develop Bright Club into what it is today.

There will be old acts and new acts for our finale, and some brilliant comedians. After this we’ll be breaking until October when we will arrive back in a shiny new venue.

So join comedians:
John Robins (compere)
Jim Smallman (headliner)

And the academic types:
Claire Asher – likes evolution
Ida Barlow – likes biology
Mike Fell – likes energy
Lucía Magis Weinberg – likes brains
Niall Sreenan – likes Darwin
John Atkinson – likes cyber security
Steve Cross – likes Bright Club

Tickets: £5

18th June – Bright Club: Broken at the Wilmington Arms

We are back for our penultimate gig at the Wilmington Arms!

That means only two more shows at our favourite venue!

That’s right, we are breaking the habit of years and moving elsewhere. We are broken hearted, hear us weep.

In honour of this, we are celebrating all things broken this month. Join us to break some promises, break the rules, and possibly break the sound barrier (when I say possibly, this won’t be happening). But please, respect our beloved venue and don’t go breaking their glasses, or each other’s bones!

Your comedians this month come in the form of:

Joe Lycett – as your compere
Elis James – to headline

We’ve got some great UCL researchers lined up to keep you laughing, including:

Alisa Anokhina – on the psychology of weight loss
Gareth Williams – biochemist
Sonja Lehtinen – biologist
Sarah Wiseman – mathematician
Paula Wright – on feminist evolutionary psychology

Tickets, £5: